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You are a financial planner, a professional, or an advisor–you are someone who wants your client to have financial vitality and financial freedom.

You want to make sure you and your client can partner and navigate their financial uncertainty together. You are a guide, a lighthouse, or a north star when they are in the middle of financial storms. However, it is sometimes difficult for clients to follow the financial plan you co-created. As a result, clients are not getting the benefit of your advice and both of you are frustrated with the financial outcome.

You don’t just want to provide advice, you want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their financial life. You want to transform the financial plan that’s on paper and in computer graphs into the client’s actual actions toward their financial vitality. At the end of the day, you want your client to exclaim ”I made it happen!”

Motivational Interviewing is a special conversational style that evokes one’s own inner motivation and commitment to change. Without specific training on how to gently guide the conversation, your client may not take the action that’s helpful to their financial vitality.

Motivational Interviewing can help

Most of the conversational styles that consist of strict instructions may not work with people who are driven and have a strong need for autonomy. Most likely, the more you tell these clients what to do, the less likely these clients will actually follow your instructions. The unfortunate result is, even with your best intentions, the clients will not achieve the good financial outcome both of you desire.

Motivational Interviewing is different

Motivational Interviewing engages your clients, focuses on their targeted behaviors, and evokes their inner motivation and commitment to form actionable SMART plans. With Motivational Interviewing training, you will witness the transformation of your clients’ financial lives.

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— Ju-Lu Kuo and the Transform2Action team